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This Friday at the Baby G we’re reuniting with our friends in Lesbo Vrouven, architects of Quebec indie label P572. Ten years ago, when HotKid was a brand new band based out of Cambridge, Ontario, this kooky group of DIY visionaries brought us into their family of artists and musicians. They booked us shows in Quebec City and released our first full length CD, “Got It To Give”.

Since then both camps have continued to make lots of noise and tour around. We hope you can check them out this Friday as they make their way to Toronto. You can practice your French and eye all their beautiful merch.

We are also super stoked to have home-town-wild-man, Man Made Hill and the acclaimed Black Lava (Bella Clava) on the bill. Can’t wait to see you there.

Woot Woot

Nov 4 & 5 – Guelph & Windsor

We’re pumped to playing with our buds, and rock’n roll heroes, in Public Animal and Mad Ones. HotKid is starting off the night, so get there early and get ready to party.

Eat Your Worms

Eat Your Worms

“Here4U” Video

We’re pumped to share our new video for our latest tune, “Here4U”.

Thanks to Matt Finlin, the talented people at Door Knocker Media, and to our friends and family, who put in long hours in knee high snow, in front of computer screens, and building 6 foot high ice domes, to make this video possible.

A great big thanks to the very talented producer and co-writer Adam King, and our friends at Canterbury Studios Toronto, for making this tune sound so bangin’.

Here4U is the first single from a full length that’s in the works. Stay tuned!

Rock, HK

HERE4U Video Release

HERE4U vid release

    Online Release May 1

     Thanks to Boshkung Brewing Co.for sponsoring the video release party!


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